October 19-28, 2018
October 19-28, 2018

60 Seconds with The Great Electric Bike Challenge - New Events

What is the best thing about your event?
All ages and abilities are able to take part in our event and it's a great way to get people to try out Electric Bikes.


What sort of people do you think would most enjoy your event?
We are targeting the 55+ age group as Electric Bikes as not as hard to ride as regular push bikes.


What do you like most about being a part of the Rotorua Bike Festival?
The Rotorua Bike Festival is a great way to get people on bikes and enjoy our beautiful city and surroundings. We thought it was the perfect time for people to try out Electric Bikes.


What is unique about your event that none of the other festival events has?
It is only open to Electric Bikes.


Is there anything else you would like everyone to know about your event?
It is the first time that Electric Bikes will be part of the Rotorua Bike Festival and even have their own event!


Tell us a bit about you/the team as event organizers...
The main organizer of the Great Electric Bike Challenge is Fiona, who is one of the two owners of the shop 'Electric Bike Rotorua' on Fenton Street. True Rotorua local, Fiona is new to running events and is being given a hand by Anne-Lise, who joined the team in November as she settled in Rotorua from France.


Who are the rad businesses that have made this event possible?
Quickprint, Altitude Photography & PRV