February 10-19, 2017

Giant 2W Gravity Enduro 2017

Saturday 11th February

Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake reserve)

2015 and 2016 were SOLD OUT.

For start times and prices, visit the 2W website.


Here are the highlights from 2016.



Five festivals, five 2Ws... Welcome to the most fun you’ll ever have Mountain biking.


Ride at your pace with your mates, cruise up the hills, race back down, have some laughs and tell a few tales at the bottom.


The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is the headline event of the first weekend of the 10 day long Rotorua Bike Festival. It attracts all riders who seek to have fun and hone their skills on flowing downhill trails; catering to everyone from the recreational rider to the elite athlete; young to old.


The beauty of the event is that it can be won by anyone from weekend social recreational warrior, to solo cross-country machine, or mad downhill rider. Skills, fitness and tactics play an equal role in the execution of each ‘Race Stage’ timed run over the course of the event to decide who will be crowned Gravity Enduro champions.


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